Character vs. Personality

Difference Between Character and Personality

The character and personality are both related to how a person behaves. In most cases, these two words are used interchangeably, so it might be helpful for us to discuss how the two differ from each other, this way you can get a better grip as to what it means.


An individual’s character is a specific system of features that are permanent and unique. A person’s actions and reactions are determined by the character. The character of a person modifies according to his/her environment. If you grow up in a peaceful family oriented atmosphere, most likely you have a good character.


The word personality has been derived from the Latin word persona, meaning the mask. Personality is the set of characteristics that each person has. Personality influence how we behave as well as our motivations. Personality is the key factors in making someone react in a certain way in different situations. Basically it’s the image we present to others, and some call the personality as ‘plastic’ or wrong.

The difference between the character and personality

Human behavior can be difficult to understand, to the character and personality. But one thing we must understand is this: the character and personality are objective and subjective respectively. Character is something within you and is always there, for example, moral. On the other hand, personality of a person can possibly change at a point in life. As for example, a person can have a good character and is known to do good things, but have a personality that is very lonely and reserved. Another person may be the best friend of anyone, but afterwards proves to be a traitor.

We can say that the character is a person’s soul, the real you, while personality is your mask.



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