Conservatory vs. Orangery

Do you know the difference between conservatory and orangery?

Conservatory and orangery are terms that refer to two completely different types of construction. A conservatory is a structure that has been around for quite some time. It has lost of glass the windows face a garden so that those inside can enjoy the beauty of nature without having to stay outdoors. In the early days, these were places where plants were stored to keep them secure during the winter months. The meaning of the word as it is used today came into use in 18th century Victorian England.

The purpose of building a conservatory has changed in recent years. It is now thought of a luxurious living space that is an extension of the home. It is an area of the home where the inhabitants have an area where they can relax. It has become a status symbol rather than a necessity. It is more of an additional room on the home that allows more natural light to flow through than comes through the regular windows of the home.

An orangery is very similar to a conservatory, but it contains more glass. It is more expensive to build and is built in different designs that complement the exterior style of the home. There is a lot more PVC used in the construction of a conservatory than there is in an orangery. While the structures look something alike, brick is also used in the construction of an orangery, but you won’t find this feature in a conservatory. This is because there is more privacy in an orangery. However, both are built to suite the individual interests and preferences of the homeowner.