Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pensions

Difference Between Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pensions

Performance Based

A defined contribution plan is a service that provides a basic pension benefit to employees at retirement. Pension from the company determined that the National Insurance and pension add up to a certain percentage of final salary.

The employer receives income deduction for premiums paid to a benefit plan if the plan meets the requirements the government has set. In the private sector forth these requirements in the Pensions Act.


A defined contribution plan is a scheme in which payments are fixed and known, while the pension is uncertain. The pension will depend on the payments and the return of the paid pension premiums.

The biggest differences:

– Defined benefit schemes can be characterized in an insurance company.

– The defined benefit schemes, performance is given, while the premium varies with age and gender.

– Only defined benefit schemes give individual employees the opportunity to choose how pension funds should be invested.

– Contribution based on the principle that there are annual deposits as agreed, in place of the final pension as a proportion of final salary, as is the case of defined benefit pension.

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