DJ Hero vs. the Renegade Edition

Difference Between DJ Hero and the Renegade Edition

What is the difference between DJ Hero and the Renegade Edition?

Both DJ Hero and Renegade Edition are very popular video games that have been recently introduced to the market. Gamers around the world play both games a great deal but to anyone who is new to this type of game they are often unsure of the differences between the two and which to buy.

DJ Hero came from the hugely popular Guitar Hero that was introduced for PlayStation. DJ Hero allows players to become the DJ and take over the turntable. The object of the game is for the player to reproduce the music being presented on the television as best they can. They players must use equipment resembling that of a true DJ.

Renegade Edition is the same as DJ Hero with one main difference. Music stars Eminem and Jay-Z have added their own tracks to this game not found on DJ Hero. Renegade Edition also offers gamers a stand that comes from the converting the carrying case. Another difference that set the Renegade Edition apart from DJ Hero is that it comes with a compact disc with all of Jay-Z’s and Eminem’s music. Both games are fun to play but the music offered on each is different.


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