European Union vs. European Commission

The difference between the European Union and the European Commission

There is a distinct difference between the European Union and the European Commission. The European Union is an independent organization of which 27 European countries are members. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the political and economic conditions of the continent and to integrate the systems so that it is easier for countries to do business with each other. The European Commission is one of the executive bodies of the European Union. Its role is to implement legislation that will be beneficial for the whole of Europe.

About the European Union

The European Union handles all kinds of matters that are related to a wide variety of topics and situations that affect the countries of Europe. These range from politics to economics and a mix of topics in between. There are 27 countries in this union, but the organization works to benefit all of Europe and not just its members.

There are a variety of committees and agencies that are part of the European Union. They work is focused on the implementation of laws and regulations that are advantageous to all the countries of the continent.

About the European Commission

The European Commission is one of the bodies that operate under the auspices of the European Union. Since there are 27 countries in this union, there are 27 people who serve on this commission – one representative for each country. It has executive powers and has the ability to implement laws as well as uphold treaties that have been formed under the union.

The primary goal of the European Commission is to come up with legislation and suggestions that will make it easier for the countries to cooperate, trade and communicate with each other. It also makes sure the European countries abide by the rules and regulations and they scrutinize the activities of these countries on a regular basis. They make sure that documents are in place to explain how all the laws are to be applied.


There are various bodies within the European Union whose purpose it is to work towards the advancement of all countries in Europe. The European Commission is one such body and its role is to make sure that there is legislation in place that will benefit all of Europe.