Film vs. Movie

Difference Between Film and Movie

Film and movie are two interchangeable and interrelated words. The video images running sequentially on the screens are often denoted by either of these two words. Whether it’s a digital motion picture or photographs, there is hardly any difference in film and movie in commercial entertainment realms.

Making motion pictures is known as films.  A film depicts the images projected on a big 70 mm screen by a projector in a cinema. A film is meant for public viewing. It could fall into the category of infotainment, information or entertainment.  Usually, the duration of short film and feature film would be 40 and 60 minutes or more.

Movie, on the other hand, is a slang word for films. It is used to denote the lesser art forms such as commercial pictures purely meant for entertainment and home made movies. There is no specific duration for the running time of movies. It could be long or short as the movie maker wants it to be.

A film as defined is a science and art to create motion pictures whereas movies can be anything that is meant for commercial viewing. The home videos with inferior shooting quality can be classified as movies. A film is backed up by production houses. Art directors, script directors, cinematographers, lyricists and background musicians are involved in this big budget event.

Even a movie can be produced at this level. However, an independent movie maker can shoot the entire subject on his handy cam. A movie can be released for public viewing or used for personal libraries.

Both films and movies can be entertaining, educational and humorous and never fail to capture our attention.