First Degree vs. Specialized Degree

Difference Between First Degree And Specialized Degree

According to the Ministerial Decree (DM 270/04), the three-year degree is simply called degree while the specialized degree is earned after completion of three year degree is completed.

The Bachelor degree is released at the end of a course of study lasting three years. The students study the theoretical and methodological course in which appropriate professional and technical skill may be included. To achieve the first degree, a student must have earned 180 credits (CFU) according to the agreed plan.

Specialized degree is the Masters degree which is obtained at the second level. The training received in this course is of advanced type. It more specifically includes professional activities by highly qualified guides. To achieve the degree a student must have acquired 300 credits Including 180 credits of the first degree.

The two degree programs give different weight age to the thesis. Specialized degree typically attributes more importance to final work than three-year degree. Statistics show that specialized graduates find more jobs than first degree graduates.

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