Functions vs. Formulas

Difference Between Functions and Formulas

Although the function and formulas are general terms that have great significance in the study of mathematics, chemistry and physics where a student meets lots and lots of them to solve basic questions and find solutions, this article tries to explain the differences between functions and formulas encountered when trying to use a calculator. Both the types of formulas are there such as = A1 * A2 = 345 and 14 and also predetermined formulas such as INDEX, VLOOKUP, SUM and so on (hundreds such formulas exist). But these formulas have set of instructions and predetermined value which is called functions. Let us take a closer look.

You can write a formula that contains a function and it is possible to write a formula without function. Those who use the excellent spreadsheet can use the two functions as well as formulas to be able to learn and solve basic financial modeling. Thus it is possible for all who have the expertise and want to build their own sheets of functional operations. To perform a particular calculation, one must find a formula as it is the formula that finds a value. So if it’s something specific you need to write a formula for this, although there are over 300 pre set formula which is known as the functions through which you can choose. We can write simpler formulas by using these functions, but if something needs to calculate the complex data one may use the pre set functions.


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