Gambling vs. Investing

Difference Between Gambling and Investing

Gambling and Investing both is all about money and are commercial activities by means of which people earn more money by spending it. However if you look closely enough you will get to see that these are two activities which are totally different.

As far as gambling is concerned it is a kind of commercial activity most which is illegal in nature. Illegal gambling is either controlled or totally restricted in many countries. However the entire domain of gambling is not illegal that involves betting money in a game whose result may be either ways, with a motive to win additional money. You can find gambling going on in casinos where money is being won or lost in different types of games like cards, roulette tables, board games etc.

Similar to gambling investing is also a commercial activity, in which case the investors make their money count by putting them in some business or in any sort of venture which has  a definite target and expected profit. It includes the buying of stocks, assets etc to gain profitable returns.

Though the act of investment is the same as gambling there is a definite profit margin in case of investment unlike gambling where the risk factor is huge.

Gambling is a recreational activity where you find extra income while investment is a professional method of making money and is serious in nature.

Gambling takes place in casinos but people invest money in banks, offices or other stock exchanges.

There is a high element of risk as far as gambling is concerned as you lose money as long as you keep losing the game while investing means a regular profit if you manage the business properly and there are means to calculate the risk and avoid the same.

Unlike investing gambling has an addictive nature and can ruin peoples’ life.



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