Difference Between GI And LCHF

I have received some questions about what is the difference between GI (Glycemic index) and LCHF (Low carbohydrate, high fat).

In broad terms one can say that LCHF method is a more extreme version of the GI method. GI Diet is to eat a balanced diet with all nutrients, including carbohydrates. However, it is only carbohydrates with low glycemic index which is included in the GI method. Thus, complex carbohydrates that allows blood sugar last longer and keeps you full for a long time. High blood sugar makes the body produce more insulin, which in turn makes us fat. If the blood sugar is kep under control the body will only produce normal amounts of insulin and you will lose weight. A disadvantage of GI is that those who perceive themselves sugar-or carbohydrate-sensitive may feel that even the slow carbohydrates in the GI diet gives craving for more carbohydrates like sweets.

LCHF means that you eat very little carbohydrates and more protein and fat. Like meat, feta cheese and butter – but less attracted to fruit and cereal – are LCHF a good choice. LCHF provides rapid weight loss in the beginning, when you lose a lot of fluid that was fixed in the body’s carbohydrate reserves. A disadvantage is that you can easily feel tired and grumpy.

Some people think that GI is good for them while LCHF works well for some. You should ask yourself which one would be easiest to do.


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