Herbivores vs. Carnivores

Difference Between Herbivores and Carnivores

The term herbivores and carnivores refer to the eating habits of the animals of these respective groups. Scientifically speaking it indicates the means by which these organisms consume energy. However there are some prominent differences between them.


They are those animals who survive by eating plants, which include fruits and leafy plants and grass as well. They are very slow moving creatures with less agility. They have broad and flat teeth with blunt edges that help them to grind the plants with ease. They are equipped with flat and blunt hooves that help them to move on grassy and squishy terrains.


They include both animals and some plants. The carnivorous plants feed on insects. Some examples of such plants are Venus flytrap and the Pitcher plant.

Carnivorous animals feed on only meat. They thrive on hunting other animals and consuming their flesh and bones. They are deadly agile and fast creatures as they need the speed so that they can catch these herbivores who can run quite fast when pursued. They have sharp and pointed teeth that help them to tear and eat the flesh and skin of their prey. They have sharp claws so that they can grasp their preys and tear the carcasses apart.