Herpes 1 vs. Herpes 2 vs. Helvetsild

Difference Between Herpes 1 And Herpes 2 And Helvetsild

No antibodies against herpes zoster does not provide immunity against herpes simplex type 1 and 2 these viruses are different from the herpes zoster virus.

What might cause a little confusion here is that zoster can cause two different diseases; – chickenpox and helvetsild. Those who experience chickenpox as a child do not get chickenpox at later stages.  So here we can say that we are immune to chickenpox. Herpes zoster occurs consequently often in adults.

What it may be because the names are the same, one can ask about, probably because what you see on the skin by herpes 1 and 2 and at helvetsild be reminiscent of each other as one is in both cases observed small blisters in the skin, picture is of course bigger and bigger by the herpes zoster than with the usual herpes 1 and 2

The histological changes in the skin, that is what you see in the microscope, are very similar too. However, in other words as per stated.

True, it is in this context to mention that probably get a less significant herpes type 2 infection if you have previously had an infection with herpes type 1 The viruses are very similar but not identical to that complete immunity will not be available. There is much to research.



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