Immune Response Vs. Immune Defense

Difference Between Immune Response And Immune Defense

The Immune Response
The immune response occurs in stages. When an organism invades the body, it must be recognized as foreign. Once it is recognized, it must be marked so that all the cells within the immune system will know that it is an invader and is attacking the body. Then the various troops of immune cells must be called to battle, a defense plan organized, and the defense begun. Finally, when the enemy has been defeated, a cease-fire must be sounded and the battle stopped.
Immune Defenses
The immune system has two defense plans: nonspecific and specific. The nonspecific defense is used against all invaders. Nonspecific responses are only able to recognize the difference between self cells and foreign antigens. The response to the foreign antigens occurs quickly and does not require having had previous encounters with the outside invaders.
In a specific defense, the immune system recognizes the invader as one having previously attacked the body. Specific immune responses not only recognize self cells as different from foreign antigens; but they recognize the difference between the different kinds of foreign antigens.

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