Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Difference Between Internet Explorer And Firefox

An interesting question I had is what the difference actually is between Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you compare the latest versions of browsers, it’s not some huge differences. The interface looks pretty much the same and both browsers have correct standards which mean that there is no longer any difference in how Web pages look, depending on the browser you use.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the two. Benefits of Firefox are that it has a download manager and a wide range of extensions and customization options. Advantages of Internet Explorer is that it supports ActiveX controls required at many sites, it has a central patch management. I would also strike a blow for the existence of a wide range of additions including Internet Explorer, both in terms of pure extensions and also in the form of new so-called Web Slices and Accelerators.

It is not uncommon to run with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and although I mainly use Internet Explorer, I always have Firefox installed and use it occasionally.


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