Jackets vs. Coats

Difference between Jackets and Coats

Those who are associated with or have some knowledge about the world of fashion, they know jackets and coats are different. However they might look similar to people who do not know about them.


Jacket is a term that comes from undercoats and it refers to special types of undercoats. Sometimes it is also called suits. It is meant for formal occasions and is often paired with trousers. It is a little more tailored and dressy than the others and often comes with padding and sometimes with lining, constructed lapels, piped pockets and bone or buttons. Unlike the coat the padding are usually very prominent. A jacket is more tailored, classy and clean as compared to a coat and is used for special occasions. A jacket must accompany a matching pair of trousers.


Coats used to be a strong item of clothing that used to shield an individual from any minor attack of a weapon. But gradually, it became a fashion item. Nowadays almost everyone uses it for the warmth it provides. Coats are more casual and for daily use and they give a more relaxed feel. They are most widely used in sports. Coats are usually made from heavy fabric and the padding is not very visible. Unlike a jacket a coat can be worn with a trouser that is not matching.