Jacobite vs. Orthodox

Difference Between Jacobite and Orthodox

St. Thomas is believed to have started the spread of Christianity in India in about 52 AD from Malankara in Kerala. He was a missionary who came with about 400 Christian settlers from Syria. Today Christianity is the religion which has largest population of followers in Kerala.

The followers are split into Jacobite Syrian Christian Church and Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. These groups share common beliefs about Christianity but different from each other when it comes to faith and history of Malankara Church.

Jacobites are known to be member of Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. They are known to have led to spread of Christianity in the Malabar region and all their activities are traced back to the earliest periods of establishment of Christianity in Kerala. Missionary Thomas is believed to have established the Malabar church.

Monophysites of Syria are believed to have got their name Jacobite after the name of a monk Jacob Baradai who lived in Edessa in a monastery.  Others believe that this name has come from the name of Jacob from Bible.

St. Thomas established as many as 7 churches in Kerala and the priests were appointed from 4 families. Malankara Orthodox Church is believed to have been established in 52 AD and is an ancient church.


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