Jamestown vs. Plymouth

Difference Between Jamestown and Plymouth

Jamestown in Virginia and Plymouth in Massachusetts are the two colonies with which English residence in America begun. Both of them have famous historical backgrounds. Both of these colonies had issues with the people living there previously and also they had other set of problems as well. However the nature of the problems was different.

Jamestown– which in fact was the first permanent English settlement had been facing economic problems in the past and there were tough interchanges between the local Indians and the Europeans who came afterwards. When the Europeans reached Jamestown, they found out that Indians were already there. The land was well cultivated and everything was going on smoothly just that the Europeans had issue with the Indians. They claimed that since the civilization is extremely disorganized and inefficient the Europeans need be in charge. As they didn’t know how to cultivate land, they faced problems and had to seek help from the Indians.

On the other hand, the Indians who were previously living in Plymouth faced extreme barbarism from the Pilgrims who came there. They loved to kill Indians for any reason they could think of. Since they had religious issues with the local Indians it caused huge problems between both the communities. Though they used to appreciate the Indians for their cultivation but as they could cultivate the land themselves, they didn’t have any issues about depending on the local people.

In Jamestown the conflicts were due to economical reasons while in Plymouth, the conflict were on economical and religious reasons as well. In Jamestown, there was no killing whatsoever since the Indians were generous and even the Europeans hated them, there was no such thing. In Plymouth, the Pilgrims killed Indians and they enjoyed in doing so. In Jamestown, the people who came later were the Europeans and in Plymouth it was the Pilgrims.