Java vs. JavaScript

Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Java and JavaScript are both languages that are used for programming. Whereas JavaScript is more of a scripting language, Java is an object oriented programming language.


Java is an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in early 1990s. Even though it was designed to make applets-small programs for the web browser, later on, Java was used to create e-commerce applications as well. Java provides more flexibility to develop software applications due to its object oriented approach. Java has built-in support for computer networks. Java code is independent of any platform. The code from the remote source can be executed securely. It is very easy to use as it combines the best properties of other programming languages. Java also supports automated memory management model that allows developers to get rid of the time consuming method called manual memory management.


JavaScript is a programming language used to create dynamic as well as interactive web pages. In case of JavaScript constant downloads from the server are not necessary as it runs on the user’s computer. JavaScript based web pages can run only if JavaScript is enabled on the web browser and the browser supports it. Almost every modern day web browsers have built-in JavaScript. As it is an interpreted language no special program is required when you are writing a code in JavaScript. Notepad can be used in order to write JavaScript code. Other text editor that colorizes the different codes making it easier to detect any error can also be used. JavaScript code can be inserted in a HTML file by using the <script> tag. But if you want to use the script in different pages of the website then you can save the scripts in different files with .js extension.