LCD Projector vs. DLP Projector

Difference between LCD Projector and DLP Projector

Knowing the types of projectors is important if you are thinking of buying one for your home. There are two major kinds: the LCD projector and the DLP projector. Knowing the features of each of these projectors would help a lot in buying the perfect projector for you and your family.

What is an LCD Projector?

LCD projectors use crystal panels containing a semi-solid material that represents primary colors. The different colors are produced when current passes through these crystals. Though it doesn’t cause strain on eyes, one drawback of this type of projector is that it has gaps between pixels.

What is a DLP Projector?

DLP, or digital light projection, uses a spinning wheel that is made up of both primary and secondary colors, which then creates the other vivid colors we see on screen. Because of its good contrast in colors, DLP is increasingly being used in rear projection TV’s, flat panel TV’s, and cinema halls. The downside of this type of projector is that it causes headaches to some people because of the rapid changes in light conditions.

Both LCD and DLP are popular and used in TV’s, computer monitors, and projectors. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and only time will tell which one would be more dominant in the future.

In summary:

  • Both LCD and DLP are popular and used in TV’s, monitors, and projectors
  • An advantage of LCD projectors is that they don’t strain the eyes while a disadvantage is that it has gaps between pixels
  • DLP projectors have better contrast than LCD but can cause headaches for some people
  •  The DLP technology is based on many tiny square mirrors, mounted on a pedestal based. That´t the huge differents between both technologys.