Love vs. Passion

Difference between Love and Passion

                Love and passion are emotions we tend to be familiar with. These two are commonly felt by us without even knowing their differences. We usually feel these two in every stage of our lives but how could one be able to distinguish the difference between the two?

Passion is an emotion being manifested by a compelling desire for something. It is a strong feeling of bliss normally characterized by an unusual excitement.  When we are into this emotion we feel like we are in heaven. But this emotion does not really last long, usually it fades with time as it reaches its peak. One who feels passion is willing to give or sacrifice anything just to make the person being felt for happy.

Love on the other hand is a feeling of personal attachment towards a person. It is the expression of one’s affection towards a person and usually lasts forever. A person who is in love usually feels passion towards the one he or she loves. One is also willing to sacrifice almost everything for the person he or she love. But unlike passion, love may last in a longer time span. It is something which is able to surpass all emotions.

Both may have the same meaning but actually they differ in intensity and time span. Passion is even more intense than love but only lasts in a period of time while love may not beas intense as passion but it may last forever.

In brief:

  • Passion is a compelling desire for something.
  • Love is an expression of affection and personal attachment.
  • Passion only lasts for a period of time.
  • Love may last forever.


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