Lunch vs. Luncheon

Difference Between Lunch and Luncheon

Lunch and luncheon are very similar and are therefore very easily confused. They are misinterpreted to have similar meaning but actually, there is a subtle difference.

Normally, the meal that is had in the first part of the afternoon is referred to as lunch. Lunch is less formal than dinner or supper. The basic idea is that you can take a quick lunch at a restaurant near your workplace, without going into any formality. On the other hand, you have dinner in a more formal setup in your home. Lunch can be a full meal or a quick bite. A quick lunch consists of some mixed food items and salads. The full lunch would include more variety in side dishes and soups, and it these would be had in proper order.

Sometimes the word luncheon is used to mean a more informal lunch at a fast especially when taken in a less formal way from the fast food joints. It would be accurate to say that luncheon is an informal lunch with friends or colleagues in gatherings and parties. Luncheon is taken in the first part of the afternoon.

Both lunch and luncheon refer to a meal that is had in the early afternoon. This is the reason why these two words are very frequently interchanged. There is only the slight difference in the level of formality and ceremony maintained during the meal.


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