Lynx Vs. Bobcat

Difference Between Lynx And Bobcat

Taxonomy can be a tricky subject. Chihuahuas are the same type as Mastiff, despite their differences in appearance. Puma, cougar and mountain lions are really the same animal. The Lynx and Bobcat are all but one to any common observer. But the two have a vast difference which separates the Lynx and Bobcat.


“Lynx” refers to three species of big cats in the genus Lynx. They are larger, weighing up to 85 pounds. They have the ear Tufts, which can extend over an inch in length. The hair around the face, spray into pseudo mane like appearance. It has longer legs and the paws are wider than the bobcats.  .

Bobcats are generally smaller than the usual Lynx and have legs that short with very delicate paws. They lack the mane and have small tuft ears. It makes them look like a large house cat. The hair on the Bobcat is spotted brown and gray with spots and stripes on the tail that are colored black.

“Lynx” are mostly predators by nature. They prefer the rabbits apart from all other animals. Some have been known to bring down deer in the north, Snowshoe Hare, are their favorite prey.

Bobcats have a carnivorous nature. They like rabbits too, but mostly hunt small animals like birds and mice. If they get the opportunity then they can also attack deer’s.


“Lynx” isolate themselves from human contact. This may be because they were hunted round for their thick fur. Many Lynx specially the Spanish Lynx in particular is in danger.

Bobcats are very aggressive. They can throw themselves from a distance of ten meters to take down prey three times or four times its size. Bobcats were hunted for their skins, but environmental laws across America protect these thriving predators.


1.While a Lynx and Bobcat are similar in appearance, is the lynx slightly larger, has a hairy face, and a plain coat of gray compared with the spotted coat of the Bobcat.

2.Lynx going to hunt rabbits is almost exclusively Bobcats to change their diet with creatures both small and big.

3.Bobcats are a lot more fierce than the Lynx.


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