Medicine vs. Medication

Difference Between Medicine and Medication

Medicine and medication are associated with the field of medicine and are often confused by the common man when it comes to their senses. In fact there are many differences between the two words.

Medicine is a preparation used in the treatment or prevention of disease. Medicine is usually understood as oral medication. Medicine often is the science or the practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. We often talk about medicine as an opposition to surgical methods.

The doctor who acquires the degree of ‘Master of Surgery’ performs the treatment and prevention of disease by surgical methods. On the other hand the doctor who has ‘Doctor of Medicine’ as his degree performs the prevention and treatment of diseases by administering medicines.

Medication as a word must be understood in a different way. The medication is not directly referring to medicine or the preparation which is used in the prevention and treatment of disease; it refers to the substance used in the preparation or simply the substance used for medical treatment.

Now the important difference between medicine and medication is that medicine is the preparation used by the doctor in treating the disease when the medication is the substance used in the preparation of medicine.

Sometimes the course of healing by using drugs is also called medication. The medication describes the main chemical in the medicine and effect of medicine on the individual who uses it. It is a term that can be applied also to drugs since the drugs are prepared from different chemical substances.


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