Melody vs. Harmony

Difference between melody and harmony

You must have heard two words melody and harmony in the field of music. Most of the people do not realize the difference between them but they are two different things.

Harmony is something which compliments melody which in turn appeals human mind. Melody without harmony cannot be appealing. Harmony complements the plain structure of the melody. Harmony adds to the passion of the music which makes any presentation livelier but melody can still exist without it.  We remember a song mostly because of its melody which has appealed our mind.

Harmony is all about those extra notes which complement melody. Harmony of two musical instruments or two voices in a song makes the song livelier and more pleasant to hear. You need to have knowledge of major and pentatonic scales while this is not needed for melody.

Here are two differences between melody and harmony:

  1. Melody is that string of notes which makes you remember a particular song or a particular section of that song while harmony enhances the musical effect of a song.
  2. When there are some extra notes in the melody of the song, harmony arises and it compliments it.


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