Metropolitan vs. Cosmopolitan

Difference Between Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan

Metropolitan and cosmopolitan are two words which are used in reference to big cities very commonly in newspapers and television as well. At times it is used for describing the attitude of the people living in these cities.

Metropolitan term is used for the large cities which have large population and have numerous opportunities for employment. These areas are linked to the adjoining areas in economical and social terms. For example you have LA City and LA metropolitan area. LA metropolitan area is linked to LA City in economic and social terms.

Cosmopolitan is the term which is used for larger cities where the population is composed of people from various cultural backgrounds. These people co-exist with each other very easily because of their broadmindedness. A person may also be called a cosmopolitan if he has lived or travelled in different countries. This word is used for describing the urbane and more sophisticated lifestyle.

A city can be metropolitan and cosmopolitan, both but a metropolitan area may not be cosmopolitan. The word cosmopolitan comes from the word cosmos which means universe. This explains the meaning of the word cosmopolitan and we can easily understand that it talks about a large city with diverse population of people from all over the world.