Mind vs. Soul

Difference Between Mind and Soul

Both are philosophical terms which are quite different.

Mind is the place of calculation of pleasure and soul is where pleasure is felt. Materialists feel that these two are subtly different. Monists believe that soul and the mind is sharply different. They say that soul is not a visible entity and is quite unlike the mind or body. Mind is also invisible but philosophers say that it is different from the soul. Soul is different from the body unlike the mind which is a part of the body. Soul is unaffected by the mental state and also by merit and sin-which easily affects the mind. The soul remains untouched by sin just like the color of a flower is untouched by the hand. However mind is affected by sin as it is able to think unlike the soul who is not characterized by the art of thinking at all. Philosophers say that soul is not perishable and changes body easily. Mind needs to be controlled as an uncontrolled mind is equivalent to the strength of a thousand elephants. Unlike the mind, the soul is a part of the universal eternal entity -the Absolute which governs every universal aspect including the mind. Mind attains purity when it is devoid of thoughts.


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