Moto GP vs. Superbike

Difference Between Moto GP And Superbike

The Moto GP prototypes are built specifically for competitions. It is developed without goals marketing for the public. The displacement of Moto GP is 800cc and can reach up to 6 cylinders. The bikes will be back in 2012 with 1000cc. The Moto GP is a unique category recognized worldwide with three distinct classes: 125cc for young riders with bikes 2T very high performance, Moto2 called in the past 250cc, 600cc 4T very similar to Moto GP built only for racing and same engine leveling performance. Finally, we find the Moto GP (Previously 500cc).

The Superbike belongs to a series of bikes. They are in competition with modification in exhaust, cycling magazine with forks and rear shock absorber changed in internal calibration, so as to make them more accessible to the races. In Superbike the displacement can be 1000cc to four-cylinder or 1200cc to two cylinders. The category of racing Superbike is divided into several levels. The most important of which is the World Superbike Championship (WSBK or simply SBK). There are also national championships among which the most important are the English and the American. ┬áBut worthy of note is the Italian league (Italian Championship – CIV).


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