Difference Between MPHIL and PHD

MPhil and PhD are research degrees but different from each other. We have enlisted differences between them to make it easy for you to understand.

  • MPhil is Master of Philosophy and it is a one year course while PhD is a research degree which can be done either in part time or full time stream. Part time PhD can be completed in 6 years while full time PhD must be completed within 3 years.
  • In case of MPhil you necessarily need not submit any synopsis while in case of PhD you have to submit the synopsis at least 6 month prior to starting the research.
  • The final draft of the research done by you is called dissertation in MPhil while it is known as thesis in case of PhD.
  • In MPhil you have to complete analysis of the study done by you while you have to submit the findings of the research done by you in case of PhD.
  • Before you submit dissertation in MPhil, you have to pass two subjects, research methodology and Tools of research while there is no such requirement in case of PhD. But you are expected to pass these papers if you get enrolled for PhD without doing MPhil.

In some colleges and universities you become eligible to work as lecturer just after you complete MPhil while others do not allow it before you get PhD degree. Some universities allow you to enroll in PhD directly without doing MPhil while others do not.


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