Difference Between NFC and AFC

NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference) are both NFL (National Football League) conference of America. Both have 32 teams in NFL, that means they have 4 divisions and 16 teams. They both are very different and the football aspirers would definitely want to know the difference between the two.


NFC came into force post the merging of NFL with AFL (American Football League). NFL’s initial logo was a large, blue colored N with three diagonally lined up stars that represented the 3 divisions; the Eastern, Central and Western, which it had from 1970 to 2001. A new division was added in NFC in the year 2002 and hence the logo was updated by NFL. Now there are 4 stars representing the 4 divisions.


When NFL and AFL merged in 1970, AFC was established. The earlier ten teams of AFL along with Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Colts, the teams of NFL, joined AFC. Initially the logo was a large red colored A with 3 stars on every side. In 2010 the logo was updated with a red, large A and 4 stars diagonally placed on the right side.


Many football followers have no idea about the difference between NFC and AFC. Both of these are known to be competitors in football. They made a Pro League to attract more fans and earn more money due to the demand of the public.


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