Power Vs. Authority

Difference between power and authority
The biggest distinct between the two is that power focuses on the one who uses or possesses it. But authority focuses on the one who grants it. For example, if a husband is using his power to rule, he is relying on his thinking, his education, his experience, his physical strength, and financial advantage, to overpower the wife or the children and make them submit to him. But if a husband is using authority to lead his family, he is focusing on the one who gives him the authority as the head. He aims at fulfilling the authority Giver’s wishes, and using his means (His words and counsel) to fulfill his mission. The one uses power serves the one who possesses it, but the one uses authority serves the one who gives it. Power lead t control. Authority leads to service, protection, leadership, sacrifice, example and fulfillment of God’s purpose.
Examples of using power and authority


  • 1. Power: I earn more than you do, so I am the one to decide how to spend it.
  • 2. Authority: I have made the decision first to tithe, than we will talk about how to use the rest.
  • 3. Power: I have more education than you, so I am the one to make all decisions here
  • 4. Authority: I am asking you to give me your perspective and preference on this issue, and then we will ask God to let us know his will. I will consider God first then you.
  • 5. Power: son, you the Lord teaches us to obey our fathers. If you are not acting as what God instructs us to act, I will punish you.

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