Protective Liability Vs. Criminal Liability

Difference Between Protective Liability and Criminal Liability
Protective Liability is a responsibility for preventive health measures, while criminal liability means that it is subsequently to be determined who was responsible for an accident / incident occurred.
Protective Liability
The responsibility that entails the obligation to take steps to ensure that the work is satisfactory and that any risk is eliminated is called protective liability. The employer has the most extensive responsibility and is obliged to take all reasonable measures necessary to protect its workers from illness and accidents.
Special features of protective liability are that the various role holders’ responsibilities are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, it is normal so that in every situation there are many responsible entities – each with their responsibilities.
As most professional activities of the corporate form or in the public sector, it is usual that protective liability lies legally on a person. This is an internal matter for the legal entity that can be solved in different ways.
Criminal liability
The criminal liability is what subsequently determines who should be held liable for an accident / incident. The court decides where criminal responsibility should be placed. The internal work and responsibilities are not critical to be placed under criminal liability but may in general, still be very important in court proceedings.

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