Puppet Vs. Muppet

Difference Between Puppet and Muppet

Muppets are puppets, and not really different from each other. Simply we can say that a Muppet is really a kind of puppet. Obviously both have some differences, and therefore they are classified separately. We will try to find the differences between Puppet and a Muppet.

A puppet is a figure of a person, bird, animal or an object. The numbers are not limited to a particular type or kind of mark. They are controlled by a puppeteer. The dolls are put on a puppet show which is a very old form of theater. Muppets, however, was started in 1954-1955. The figures are also used to put on a show, but characters are limited.

The source of the puppet can not be attributed to a person, culture, society, or a particular time in history, and certainly not in a given year, while the Muppets was introduced in 1954-1955 by a person calling Jim Henson. Muppets are a group of characters that are actually a kind of puppet. Muppets appeared in the United States. Puppets have existed since 16th centuries in many countries.

The puppets are diversifies to a greater extent and its difficult to name them. Many countries have a tradition to tell stories of their heroes through puppets. Folklore also used puppets. The puppet itself can act as a king, and in another program may portray the role of a poor. The word “puppet” means “doll”.

Puppets are made of different materials, depending on the form and use. The name differs in different countries as there are so many varieties.


1. A puppet is a figure of an object or an animal or a human, is used to install a puppet show. The puppets are of several types.

2.Muppets can be taken as a type of puppet

3.Puppets character has no copyright. Muppets characters are copyrighted by show owners

4.Muppets originating in the United States in 1954-55. Puppet occurred before the 16th century in many countries.

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