Rafters vs. Long Clusters

Difference Between Rafters and Long Clusters

Rafters and long clusters were used in the construction of the roofs of houses. Although both the rafters that clusters are commonly used in conjunction, it is possible to go with any of them by designing a roof. There are so many benefits qu’inconvĂ©nients by a roof rafters or clusters. This article discusses the characteristics of rafters and clusters allow readers to choose between them, as the budget, the complexity and time to reach by the roof of the house.

As the rafters that clusters are composed of wood or metal and are prefabricated or cut to the site. They are most used to provide a roof support system according to the design of the roof and its complexity. Chevron is the most traditional of the two support systems and consists of placing 2X6 inch logs of wood in a triangular pattern to a roof. With the current time, the design of roofs has become a full time job and more complexity came in the realization of roofs. Although they resemble more the first, they are more complex from the inside. These days, instead of the rafters, smaller pieces of wood that are prefabricated (2 “X6”) are capitalized, provide support to the roof. They are called clusters and are made in a wood factory and delivered in the numbers appropriate to the site where the roof is built, which saves a lot of time and all the carpenters have to do is install them in a prudent manner to provide a hug the roof being built.


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