Rate vs. Ratio

Difference Between Rate and Ratio

Rate and ratio are numbers used in mathematics which shows the relation of one from the other. These two makes it easier to determine and differentiate between the two values.

Equivalence of two quantities having various units is called rate. If something is not specified, the unit is generally the rate per unit. Time is the most common type of rate e.g. heart rate and speed. The term “per” is used to divide the two units/ digits that are used to calculate the rate.

Ratio is the connection of 2 numbers of same types. If a and b are two digits of the same type it is expressed as a: b. this means the number of times the 1st value contains the 2nd value. The end result does always end up in a figure.

Rate is a fixed quantity between 2 things while a ratio can indicate the relationship between lots of things. A unit rate is expressed as 21 miles per hour or 15km/1hr whereas a ratio can be written as 10:1 or is read as 10 is to 1. A rate usually indicates a certain change while a ratio is the difference of something. Rate and ratios explain the equivalence from one and the other. There is no rate without ratio. These are used in our day to day living like calculating bank interest, product cost and many more.

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