Religion vs. Theology

Difference Between Religion and Theology

Religion and theology are two terms that are often confused when it comes to their study. Religion is based on the faiths and convictions when it comes to the receipt of superhuman powers in the form of God or gods. On the other hand theology is the study of theistic thought. This is chiefly true of Christianity. Theism is the acceptance of God’s presence or superhuman power.

In short it can be said that work on theology and religion. Religious thoughts as well as facts should be conventional primarily so that Theology can develop properly. Actually, Theology is based on religion. It is a system primarily Christian theistic religion.

Religion does not deal with sort of rational analysis. On the other hand theology concerned with the rational analysis of the faith in and related to religion. Religious leaders are of the opinion that ​​establishing some concepts and truths of God’s existence and the superhuman powers is what should be done.

The heads of the other theological head work with the idea of ​​rational evidence and analyze the religious truths that have been established by religious leaders already.

Religion is also active with the customs and ways followed by a certain community or a society is when it comes to practice any meticulous belief or faith. On the other hand theology is not troubled with customs and ways followed by a community or society, but it only tries to examine and perilously analyze the principles laid down in any particular religion.

It is remarkable to note that both branches of religion that theology have their own leaders. Religious leaders launch religious truths whilst the theological leaders ascertain analytic truths. These are the differences among religion and theology.




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