Revision vs. Editing

Difference Between Revision and Editing

Revision and editing are slightly different from each other. Revision refers to the changes in something for better use of it for the customers. Editing on the other hand refers to the removal of unnecessary events with a view to improve something. Editing is related to print media and films. This is the main difference between Editing and Revision.

Revision is done in services, rules and regulations in a company etc. Revision can be done in documents such as books. We sometimes hear about the revised edition of a book. Editing on the other hand is related to the field of films, media, drama, newspapers and drama.

A movie needs to be edited before it is released so as to remove unnecessary scenes and events. The purpose of editing a film is to make is more relevant and effective for the viewers. The quality is improved after the editing. It makes certain scene in a film perfect in giving an intended message.

A book is edited with a view to remove unnecessary subject matter. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of the book. If there are mistakes in writing, they are removed at the time of editing.  Revision on the other hand refers to the remake of something to improve its quality. A book is written when it is revised. A book can be revised when something new is added to it. For example a new chapter may be added to a book. These are the differences between revision and editing.


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