Revolutionist vs. Terrorist

Difference Between Revolutionist and Terrorist

A lot of people misunderstand the proper differences between revolutionary and terrorist. In many instances, a revolutionary have been identified as a terrorist. Both these two ideas and their fundamental principles that govern their actions are different as well.

Someone who uses illegal force and violence to intimidate people, governments to follow their social or political goals is a terrorist. A terrorist does everything and anything to get his work-which is usually illegal- accomplished. However a revolutionary tries to modify the thinking of other people. However he does not use violence, but trust, logic, honesty and reasons.

A revolutionary does use violence and neither tries use force to change the way people think. He / She strive to convince people to change their way of thinking and actions. The terrorists think that violence is a good method to get what one wants. According to him people who disagree with their ideals should be eliminated, rather than convincing them. But a revolutionary do not support assassination of other people, and do not take part in the violence or homicide.

A terrorist is a criminal but a revolutionary is a respectable person for his leadership qualities.

A terrorist is a selfish individual who wants to change the world according to him and has a wrong impression about how the world is supposed to be. However a revolutionary not only think of himself restrictions, but also for all the people. The changes that a revolutionist wants to bring in enrich the world.



A terrorist resorts to violence to meet his demands, but the revolutionary is honest and use reason.

A terrorist brings in destruction of property and kills people to meet his demands, unlike a revolutionary who is never engaged in illegal acts.

A terrorist is branded as criminals, and a revolutionist is often highly valued.




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