Role vs. Responsibility

Difference between role and responsibility

The words role and responsibility are indeed words that somehow will look very similar in face value. Indeed the words are very close in meaning and have been constantly been misused in language for some time now. The main point that is very important for us to drive home is the fact that at all points in life; every role has some responsibilities associated with it.

For example in society today people have different roles that they play, for instance, the role of a good citizen or even the role of a respectable member in society or even better still the role of  a good wife at home. In all this cases, the roles are accompanied by their responsibilities. For instance the role of a good citizen should be accompanied by the responsibility of respecting the constitution and the responsibility of being patriotic. In other words the point of emphasis here is that, every role brings with it responsibilities that are crucial for that particular role to be efficiently executed.

It is worth mentioning also that in our actions in this planet, we are in one way or another performing a given role. For example the very existence of human being brings a role to live. As we have seen, the role to live brings responsibilities to ourselves and to others. For example it is our responsibility to maintain good health state of our bodies by virtue that we are playing a human role. The fulfillment of responsibilities associated with roles take most of our time. As for adults who are engaging in meaningful work, their role of providing for their families is accompanied by the responsibility of working hard, a responsibility that indeed makes them take a lot of their time in workplaces and projects.