Ruby vs. Garnet

Difference Between Ruby and Garnet

Ruby and Garnets are two most loved and finest gemstones which are collected by gemstone lovers especially women. Both these are perfect for jewelries like bracelets, rings, earrings etc. Their price depends on their size, toughness and the thickness.

Toughness of both these gemstones is measured on Mohs scale. A ruby is tough enough if it measures 9 on this scale while Garnet should score something between 7 and 8. Ruby is harder than other gemstones and can withstand enormous pressure. The costliest variety of Ruby is the Pigeon’s blood red colored one and has heavy demand in the market. Ruby is beautiful but Garnet is capable of giving the complete look a piece of jewelry without any other embellishment or enhancement.

If you want to choose just one of them then here are some differences listed down for you:

  • Ruby is red but is also available in shades of Red and brown. Garnet is also Red but its color may differ according to the different varieties available.
  • Ruby is tougher than Garnet.
  • Ruby needs to be treated before it is used in a jewelry while garnet does not need any enhancement and simply flawless.