Salon vs. Saloon

Difference Between Salon and Saloon

The words ‘saloon’ and ‘salon’ are quiet confusing. There is a slight difference in the spelling of the two words. Is it hair salon or hair Saloon? Let us discuss these words to find the difference between them.

As per the dictionary, the word saloon refers to a room or establishment where alcoholic beverages are served on a counter. A salon on the other hand is a shop where hairdresser or beautician works. People go to salon for the beauty treatment such as hair cutting, bleaching or massage etc. the word Saloon is used to refer to a type of car. In US English Saloon means a sedan. So, the word is used for a car as sedan is also used for a car.

It seems that the words have come from the same origin as the spellings of both the words suggest. The fact is that the word ‘salon’ is of French origin which in French means ‘a large room’. It is also said that the both the words have come from the Italian ‘salone’ meaning a large hall. Both the words have been used for referring to ‘a large room’ in the past. But in 19th century the word ‘saloon’ began to be used for a public bar while the word ‘salon’ began to be used for a shop of hair dresser and body care. Nowadays, the word beauty parlor is being used in place of ‘hair salon’ or  ‘beauty salon’.


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