Saturated Liquid vs. Compressed Liquid

Difference Between Saturated Liquid and Compressed Liquid

Liquids in comparison to solids are more compressible as the inter-molecular force of attraction in less in liquids. So when pressure is applied, it tends to compress due to the presence of vacant spaces. Liquids can be categorized on the basis of its level of saturation and compressibility. There is a limit to which a solute can be added to a solvent, referred as its saturation point.

Compressed liquid

A liquid can be denoted as a compressed liquid, if its specific volume is less than that of the saturated liquid, if its temperature is below its saturation temperature, its pressure is more than its saturation pressure and the enthalpy should be less than that of the saturated liquid.

If the pressure of the liquid is more than its saturation pressure at a given temperature, then it can be called a compressed liquid. Or more precisely a compressed liquid can be regarded as a saturated one at a definite temperature

Saturated liquid

A saturated liquid is one in which no more solute can be dissolved at a particular temperature and pressure due to lack of inter molecular spaces and if one tries to lower its pressure keeping the temperature unchanged, the liquid will start to boil.


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