SBC vs. Soft Switch In NGN

Difference Between SBC and Soft Switch In NGN

SBC (session border controller)

A session border controller is a VoIP session aware device that takes care of a mass of call-control functions and acts a Network Address Translator (NAT). It is located at margin of the system acting as an end-to-end user agent. It takes care of signaling SBC functions and media SBC functions. It involves handling in signaling, media and DTMF tones. Presently SBC ropes for SIP and H323 signaling protocol. It does rendition amongst SIP and H323 and vice versa. It can also do media transposing along with DTMF translation. It offers security options like

Soft switch

Soft switch can take care of VoIP calls and traditional PSTN and ISDN CALLS. It is a federal head of the entire network involving call-control functions with trouncing choices, least call and quality based routings. The Media Gateways circles the NGN media section. It, along with the SBC, also handles the media part. Therefore Trans-coding or DTMF would be carried out in either of the two.


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