Shortened vs. Unshortened Cakes

Difference Between Shortened and Unshortened Cakes

Cake is one of the most loved desserts and you can get cakes in numerous flavors. Shortened cakes and unshortened cakes are two variants of cakes. These cakes differ from each other in terms of the recipe used in preparing them.

Shortened cakes are made of all purpose flour, fats, milk, eggs, sugar, baking powder, salt and the flavor you wish to add. There can be many more ingredients but these are the basic ones and these cakes contain lot of fats. The recipe of these cakes is such that it makes the cake foamy but has lot of fats. Conventionally you mix cream, sugar and eggs and mix them in a way so that you get foamy texture. You can also go by the single bowl recipe in which you simply add all the ingredients and mix them well thoroughly. You just add the dry ingredients later.

Yellow sponge cakes and white angel cakes are two types of unshortened cakes. In while angel cakes you just use egg white and in yellow sponge cakes you use whole eggs. Both these cakes are soft and spongy but have different flavors. White angel cakes are more porous and tender when compared to yellow sponge cakes.

The main difference between Shortened and Unshortened cakes is that shortened cakes are rich in fat while unshortened hardly have any fats. People have different preferences and likening and according they choose things to eat.


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