Shut vs. Close

Difference Between Shut and Close

Shut and close have almost similar meaning but are used in different scenarios. Let us see the differences between the two:

  • Shut means fully closed while close means enclose, cover or block.

For example, Shut the door and close the door. Here shut the door means that the door should be closed completely while close the door means that the room must be covered by closing the door.

  • ‘Close’ is also used in the sense of fitting something tightly. For example, Close the bottle with its lid and pack it for journey. Here you cannot use ‘shut’. Here it is intended that the bottle is closed tightly so that the stuff does not fall out of it.
  • ‘Close’ is usually followed by ‘with’ and ‘by’. For example, the bank is closed by 4pm. Close the tank with the cover.

You can find the use of shut and close in many phrases like shut up, shut down, close in, close up etc.


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