Since vs. From

Difference Between Since and From

Most of the people are confused about the use of since and from. This article aims to bring out the differences in their usage.

Use of from

  1. ‘From’ is a preposition which is used for showing distance or indicating a place. For example:
  • I have come from London.
  • My school is 5 miles from here.
  1. It is often followed by ‘to’.  For example, it takes 4 hours to go from this railway station to bus stand.
  2. It is also used when you compare or differentiate two things. For example, the two concepts are different from each other.

Use of since

  1. Since is used when we are taking about a particular point of time or to indicate the beginning of something.

For example,

  • They are in this business since 1921.
  • He has been living here since he was a small boy.
  1. Another use of since is done in the sense of ‘because of’ or when someone is giving a reason. For example:
  • Since it was raining, we could not go out.
  • I was late since I met a friend on the way.
  1. You can also use since to have a meaning similar to ‘right from’. For example:
  • Since childhood I was fond of playing football.

One main difference between since and from is that since can be used in the beginning of a sentence while from is rarely used in the beginning of a sentence.


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