Smartphone vs. Iphone

Difference between Smartphone And Iphone


The smartphone is an advanced telephone which integrates many advanced features including:

* The web connection

* Multimedia features (takes pictures, shoots video, plays music)

* Organizational features such Mail, calendar, documents etc.

* Utility functions such as calculator, compass, Sat navigation.

* Recreational functions

* Social functions such as access to social networks, sharing of content and information)

The smartphones began to spread with the first Nokia of the advanced features, which integrated many features such as a browser for browsing, synchronization with the computer and the ability to take pictures. Then, given the interest and success of these devices many competitors have been added over time.

Today the evolution of smartphones led to the creation of dedicated operating systems which have improved its capabilities.


Apple iPhone is the famous lineage of smart phones which Apple launched on 29 June 2007. It is a phone that has introduced new quality standards. It has become a reference for high level phone industry since it was launched in the market. The device has introduced the screen of worldwide capacity and perfect interface.

The iPhone uses the operating system IOS and synchronizes the content with PCs and Macs with iTunes software.

The strengths of ‘iPhone include an excellent build quality (And components in general), an excellent capacitive screen, great battery life, very fast and stable software, a very large application store, perfect integration with all other Apple products, the support of a network for a quality care (The Apple) and a very large array of fans.  This is one of the most successful products of Cupertino Company.


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