Strategy Vs.Tactics

Difference Between Strategy and Tactics
I find myself increasingly hear strategy confused with tactics. Especially when the social media is discussed. But most of it on the Internet is not strategy, it’s tactics. Like almost everything else we do on a daily basis.
The fact that we confuse the words means that we don’t know their meaning their meaning. We solve strategic problems with the tactical action, and marvel at why the results got nullified.
A probable reason for the confusion is that the strategy and tactics are two sides of same coin. The difference is, simply put, the time horizon.
Tactics is related to near future. The tactic describes how to defeat your enemy, clear your challenge, your goal here and now. So what you write on your blog, message on your website, the phone call to the customer, the participation in the Linkedin Group. The result of your tactics are always measured.
Tactics are easy to copy. If you do something that proves to be successful, your competitors most likely do the same, or imitate it. And as soon as a process, method or product is copied, you lose your tactical advantage.
Often tactics are the Quick fixes aimed at short-term profitability. The consequence is that the company’s tactics in practice start getting controlled by the outside world, thereby jeopardizing the long-term success. Each tactical action evaluated on the basis of its contribution to the long-term strategy.
Strategy is a perspective. Strategy is about seeing the big picture – to understand how your company or brand can be competitive in the long run and be the most profitable company. It’s aim is to help you make the right tactical decisions along the road. Strategy is the long-term plan of how you can strengthen your market position.
A sound strategy means that all tactics works better. A wise strategy guarantees wiser tactic.
Put another way: The difference between strategy and tactics is that strategy is any long-term plan, which is a result of the ability to choose the right battlefield and maneuver an army, while tactics are goal-oriented actions, which are a result of the ability to act appropriately in presence of the enemy.

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