Time vs. Tense

Difference between Time and Tense

Time and Tense are two words used differently to suggest the position of the Sun and the occurrence of some event respectively. Time is used as a subset of tense.

The examples of word ‘time’ are as follows:

  • What is the time by your watch?
  • Time is the ultimate healer.
  • How many times should I pay for you?
  • Time and again I have been emphasizing on hygiene in schools.

In the first sentence, time is used to ask the Sun’s position. In the second sentence, it’s used as in general case. Third sentence use the word ‘time’ to suggest ‘numbers’. And the word ‘time’ in the last sentence is used as ‘again and again’ or ‘several times’.

Tense is used in grammatical sense to express the time of action.  Present tense, past tense and future tense, these are three kinds of tense.  Present tense is used to denote an action which is performing at the time when the sentence is uttered. “He gives the magazines to his sister”. Past tense is an action that happened some time before. As in “She looked at me.” Future tense indicates an incident or action which will happen late. For instance, “The show will be a super hit.”

The word ‘time’ is used to denote the adjectival form of ‘timely’. ‘He offered me payment in time.  The word ‘time’ can be used with prepositions with ‘in’ and ‘on’ to suggest different meanings.