Tortellini vs. Ravioli

Difference Between Tortellini and Ravioli

You would love them in case you are from Italy. However, people outside Italy have tasted or heard Tortellini and Ravioli which are delicious pasta recipes. They are stuffed pasta preparations that are prepared differently. Ravioli are square in shape without a hole inside of them while the Tortellini is round in shape and has a hole in it.

Stuffed pasta are loved all over Italy and you can find these dishes anywhere you go in Italy and today these dishes are popular all over the world, especially in places with Italian presence. Earlier tortellini and ravioli, are made of pasta dough had meat filling and were weekend treats as they were supposed to be costly. At this time, they were stuffed with vegetables as poor could not afford meat all the time. You can easily find freshly made ravioli and tortellini in the food section of any big market, but if you want to make your own pasta recipes, you can choose your own stuffing as per your taste.

Tortellini and Ravioli can be filled with meat, vegetable or fish. There are recipes with cream & cheese inside, too. Best thing about these dishes is that you can have them in the meat broth, chicken or even fried.


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