Tortoise vs. Turtle

Difference Between Tortoise and Turtle

Both tortoises and turtles are members of the reptilian family under the order Testudine. Apart from the fact that both of these creatures are have body scales and lay eggs to give birth, they have solid shells on their backs which is used as a shelter where they hide during any life threatening situation from predators.


Basically terrestrial creatures with bulky vaulted shells on their backs the tortoises are found with feet that are round and with claws. This helps them to walk on land. These herbivorous animals conceal themselves under the ground to beat the heat, and re-surface again to get warmth.


Basically aquatic creatures endowed with long webbed feet that help the turtles to maneuver in water, they have flatter shells minimize water resistance and move quickly in water. These omnivorous creatures occasionally pay a visit to the surface to get the warmth from the sun.

1.     Basically having a lesser weight and flat shells the turtles which are aquatic by nature, find it easier to swim underwater. However the terrestrial tortoise comes with much heavier and bulky vaulted shells.

2.     While the legs of a tortoise are round and with claws that help them to get a grip of the ground, the turtles have flipper like webbed feet to help in swimming underwater.

3.     Unlike the tortoises that can live up to 150 years, the turtles can survive up to 40 years.

4.     While turtles are omnivorous, tortoises are herbivorous. Due to their lithe preference of food. They can also be kept as pet

The main factor that sets them apart is their habitat, i.e. a turtle lives in water and a tortoise lives on land.


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